Edmonton Potato Growers

Edmonton Potato Growers
12220 - 170 Street
Edmonton, Alberta

The Origin of EPG

In January of 1960 a small group of local potato and vegetable farmers in the Edmonton, Alberta area decided to try an innovative alternative to conventional produce marketing.

If they could work together to avoid competing with one another, they could improve their efficiency AND be more profitable.

Soon these farmers would form what would become one of the most respected and efficient potato marketing groups in North America.

In 1968, after nearly a decade of working and marketing their produce together, the group centralized sales and distribution, building a warehouse in west Edmonton near what would be the Yellowhead Trail ( HWY 16 ) and 170 Street. ( A dirt road at this time. Not gravel – dirt! )

Centralized sales, marketing, washing, packing and distribution further cemented the idea of cooperation with the next generation of EPG growers and they continued to ship fresh potatoes and other produce into markets in Edmonton and Calgary.

Several growers, unhappy with the quality of seed potatoes they had been receiving from outside sources, began to grow small amounts of Certified seed potatoes at this time.

At first it was for their own use or the use of their fellow EPG members. But as they gained experience, and as they released small amounts to other commerical growers in Alberta, they became aware of a unique quality.

The seed potatoes produced by the Edmonton growers was absolutely first class. It continued to outperform seed from other areas in North America and consistently awarded the subsequent growers excellent yields and increased commercial quality. Expansion into southern Alberta and Washington state further reinforced this level of quality.

A new division within EPG for seed potato production, marketing and distribution was soon established.

By 1997, EPG was producing in excess of 40,000 metric tonnes of Certified seed potatoes of various classes and generations. Marketing areas now include Canada, The United States of America, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, India and mainland China.

The 10 members of Edmonton Potato Growers produce excellent quality seed potatoes with the lowest possible disease levels and the utmost vigor for subsequent crop success.

They maintain the same standards as those initially respected by the original members nearly 50 years later!

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