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Accord is a high yielding early bulking variety suited to early processing and fresh markets, with short term storage potential. Attractive, bright uniform oval tubers with cream skin and flesh. Good resistance to common and powdery scab, resistant to potato cyst nematode Globodera rostochiensis Ro1 with partial resistance to potato cyst nematode Globodera pallida Pa2/3,1


Released in 2002, Alturas was fifth and seventh in acreage in Idaho and the U.S. in 2006, respectively. Alturas is used primarily for processing, with its light russeting limiting its use for fresh-pack; however, it has been rated highly for its culinary quality. It is notable for its high yields and solids, and cold sweetening resistance. Alturas has resistance to Verticillium wilt and early blight. Weaknesses include short tuber dormancy, late maturity in areas with short growing seasons and higher water requirements than Russet Burbank


Medium maturing red skinned, red fleshed fingerling variety with very high yield potential and smooth skin finish for high packout potential.


Suitable for processing – crisps. Oval, yellow tubers with cream flesh. Moderate yields with low outgrade levels, mainly mechanical damage and greens, high dry matter. Susceptible to splitting, bruising, late blight on foliage and tubers, potato virus Yo, potato cyst nematode Globodera pallida Ps2/3,1, gangrene, virus Y and spraing. Resistant to potato cyst nematode Globodera rostochiensis Ro1.


Yellow-fleshed fingerling type potato with a high tuber set of 15 to 20 small tubers per plant.


Released in 2005, Blazer Russet (A8893-1) is an early-maturing, dual-purpose variety that has found a niche within the processing industry as a replacement for Shepody. Its attractive appearance and excellent culinary qualities also make it a good candidate for fresh pack. Blazer Russet is resistant to tuber external defects, sugar ends, common and powdery scab of the tuber, and PVX. It is moderately resistant to blackspot bruise and tuber late blight. Blazer Russet has moderate susceptibility to hollow heart.


High yielding variety, attractive appearance, widely adapted. Undersizing can be a problem if soil moisture becomes limiting. Well suited for washing at maturity. Good storability. Medium specific gravity.


First early, very high yielding round/oval yellow skinned, yellow-fleshed variety with excellent cooking quality for the fresh market with excellent packout potential.


Medium to high yielding variety that produce uniformly round tubers of attractive appearance. It has shown very good resistance to blackspot bruises during trials. Excellent chipping quality even after long-term storage at 6°C.


Early maturing high yielding round/oval dark red-skinned, white fleshed variety with very early tuber sizing and high packout potential.


Early maturing, high yielding round dark red-skinned, white fleshed variety with high tuber count, excellent colour and skin finish for excellent packout potential.


High yielding variety; tubers are usually smooth and quite uniform with very few external or internal defects. Very good resistance to hollow heart. Medium specific gravity. Good storability; medium dormancy period.


Imola is a medium early white fleshed, buff skinned variety suitable for fresh market. Imola has high yield capability and good pack out potential due to high uniformity. Strong dormancy in storage also means seed should be warmed and sprouted prior to planting.


This tasty Russet Skin variety with medium maturity is the first russet skinned variety from HZPC. While already popular in Europe, it is gaining popularity in North America as a premium baking and frying potato.
Long oval, Russet Skin variety, having shallow eyes and a cream colored flesh. Nice uniform size, Grades very well, high pack-out. Specific gravity presents optimum quality for baking and processing.
Foliage develops rapidly but with few stems. Note: foliage is sensitive to applications of the herbicide metribuzin.
High resistance to cyst nematodes, wart disease, leaf and tuber blight. Somewhat susceptible to common scab.
Innovator is an excellent variety for boiling, baking and French frying. Innovator has a remarkable good flavor. Stable dry matter content. The ability to recondition from long term storage makes this an ideal variety for the processing industry.


High yielding fast growing variety, widely adapted. Requires close planting (15 to 20 cm between plants) and vine killing to avoid producing oversized and rough tubers. Excellent storage quality. Long dormancy period. High total solids.


Marilyn, a new star of the fingerlings, more attractive and much easier to grow. Developed in Europe especially for salads and gourmet markets.Tubers are Long oval, very regular, shallow eyes, yellow skin, yellow flesh. Produces heavy yields with many tubers, medium sized, very regular long oval shape with smooth clear bright skin. With somewhat closer planting distance, Marilyn can be grown for yellow creamer potatoes with size 1 1/4″ – 2″ in diameter. Normal foliage, not abundant, but gives good ground cover. Vine killing should not cause problems, the crop and tubers mature normally. Harvest with care, somewhat susceptible for damage because of the longoval tubers and bright skin. Resistant to Golden Nematodes. Normal susceptible for Leaf Blight and good resistance to Tuber Blight. Moderate resistance to common scab. Yellow waxy-type tubers with firm texture that have wonderful flavor. A good choise for boiling, roasting or steaming and a new favorite of fine chefs.


Mozart is a tasty variety with a nice attractive skin. The delicious flavour makes Mozart special, unlike traditional red potatoes that offer color only. Eat it and you believe it! Oval, very uniform shaped tubers with distinct yellow eyes and an attractive sunrise red skin.Yellow flesh colour. Allow enough time between top kill and harvest to promote skin set. Mozart has a long dormancy and stores well. Late maturing with a strong foliage. Resistant to PCN. Immune to Wart disease. Moderately susceptible to late blight and requires a regular spray control program. Good resistance to common scab. Noted for excellent table quality, no darkening following cooking, medium dry matter content.


Medium yielding variety, attractive appearance, uniform tuber size and shape. Wide adaptability. Resistant to hollow heart. Low to medium specific gravity. Good storability. Medium dormancy period. Tuber shape and type are very appropriate for the count-carton market. Not well suited for processing.


Early maturing, (similar to standard) very uniform selection with higher tolerance to early die and stronger plant vigor and similar or higher yield potential.


Slightly later maturing (compared to standard) uniform selection with much higher tolerance to heat and verticillium wilt. Lower fertility inputs have produced abundant yields with slightly tightened spacing.


Slightly later maturing (compared to standard) uniform selection with higher tolerance to early die much lower fertility inputs have produced abundant yields with similar spacing to standard.


Orchestra produces a robust crop with a good tuber appearance. The crop can stand stressful conditions very well. The purpose of the variety is the firm cooking table stock market. The shape en tuber size distribution makes the variety very suitable for the baker market.


High yielding variety of attractive appearance; good resistance to internal and external defects; medium specific gravity.


Medium to high yielding variety; very resistant to heat necrosis and hollow heart; very susceptible to blackspot bruises; moderately susceptible to growth cracks. Good storability; short dormancy period; high specific gravity.


High yielding variety, adapts well to different soils. Sensitive to drought, susceptible to skinning and bruising if harvested before maturity; washes well at maturity. Stores well even though the dormancy period is short. Seldom produces tubers that are irregular in shape, knobby or growth cracked. Tubers are not subject to internal defects like hollow heart, internal necrosis and vascular discoloration. Low total solids.


Medium to high yielding variety, attractive appearance, washes well at maturity. Long dormancy period, stores well. Requires a uniform moisture supply and long growing season to produce maximum quality tubers and to prevent knobbiness and second growth. To produce large tubers, plants must be spaced 30 to 45 cm apart. High total solids.


High yielding variety. Medium to long dormancy period. Medium specific gravity. Good storability, good retention of red skin color. Adequate warming of seed (at least 7 to 10 days) prior to planting is essential to obtain uniform emergence. Relatively close seed spacing will help optimize yield and tuber size. Slow emergence but grows rapidly. Tuberization occurs early and tubers bulk at a rapid rate early in the season. Resistant to second growth; rarely exhibits hollow heart, internal discoloration or black spot. Adapted to irrigated areas of the west. Moderately tolerant to drought. Tubers tend to develop excessive netting under dry soil conditions resulting in a brownish and unattractive appearance.


High yielding variety of attractive appearance. Rapid foliage development. Resistant to second growth, internal rust spot, mechanical damage and bruising. Highly tolerant to drought. Well adapted to sandy soils. Medium to long dormancy period. Good storage capability. Medium specific gravity.


High yielding variety; uniform tuber size, high percentage of large tubers. Good resistance to second growth.   Grades well with few culls. Good storage quality, needs through-the-pile ventilation. High specific gravity.  For seed production, plants should be 15 to 20 cm apart and for processing, 30 to 40 cm apart. Reduced fertilization decreases the difficulty in top-killing.


High yielding variety of attractive appearance; medium number of tubers per plant, very uniform in size; low level of internal and external defects; good storability; medium dormancy period; high specific gravity. Best performance under irrigated conditions; optimum spacing at 30 cm; high rate of nitrogen required for optimum tuber size.


Medium to high yielding variety, good tuber uniformity. Tuber specific gravity higher and more uniform than Russet Burbank; lighter fry color that holds up well throughout the storage season. Less susceptible than Russet Burbank to tuber shape and physiological problems induced by moisture stress. Relatively resistant to hollow heart, brown centre and internal brown spot. Medium long dormancy period.


Very uniform potatoes with a high percentage of marketable product. Good crop management must be addressed to ensure maximum potential is achieved. Oval to oblong shape, nice light yellow skin and light yellow flesh color. Relatively high tuber set. Very regular size distribution, the tubers tend to remain medium sized. Moderate early maturity, rapid development, medium to tall plant, normal, good cover White flowers. Determinant growth habit, not demonstrated problems with vine destruction. Immune to Wart disease. Good resistance to virus diseases. Moderate susceptible to common scab and early blight. Culinary qualities are excellent. Tasty potato. Bring out the best flavor by baking, boiling or steaming them. Rather low specific gravity and no discoloration after cooking.


High yielding variety; low specific gravity. Utilization: good for boiling and baking; not suitable for chips. Chief Market: early fresh market.


Medium to high yielding variety of attractive appearance. Large tubers are slightly susceptible to hollow heart. Excellent storability; long dormancy period. High specific gravity.